Dangerous Goods/ Chemical Storage


Cortec Laboratory Services can take care of all your dangerous goods / chemical storage cabinet needs, with solutions from Laboratory Systems Group, PBA Safety and Duperthal.

More Than Just a Supplier

Based in Willetton, we service all of WA with proven strong capabilities in this sector. Contact us for free no obligation quotes and technical assistance to ensure that the equipment you purchase is fully fit for purpose.

Unlike most other companies supplying dangerous goods cabinets in WA, Cortec Laboratory Services can also provide a complete package – from planning, through to site delivery and an in-depth installation service including ductwork and electrical where required.

> We can arrange specialist delivery of bulky/heavy cabinets

> All lifting/shifting taken care of, as well as removal off site of packaging waste

> Cabinets manoeuvred to their place of use and installed ready for use.

 We also supply and install ‘mechanical ventilation systems’ for dangerous goods cabinets including high quality chemically resistant exhaust fans, a whole range of different exhaust duct materials (PVC, copper, steel, etc.) and fan discharge arrangements.

We supply chemically resistant exhaust fans from Labsystems Group highly rated Polyfan range and couple these with compliant discharge stack systems.

PDF Download Polyfan HF75
PDF Download Polyfan VSB14

If you require ventilation from your Dangerous Goods Cabinets (to remove the smell of fumes), but are not able to install a ducted exhaust system (eg. rented property, or in a multi-storey building), then we can provide fan/filter units to undertake this task.

PDF Download Recycling Air Box


Corrosives cabinet with carbon filtration recirculating
Exhaust Fan Discharge Arrangement
PBA Safety Justrite 250Ltr Flammable Goods Storage Cabinet

Laboratory Systems Group (LSG) Range

Cortec Laboratory Services is proud to be the exclusive distributor of the LSG range of products to Perth and Regional WA.

LSG are a specialist thermoplastic engineering company since the 1980’s. Their entire range is fully designed and built in Australia, with their chemical storage cabinets manufactured from high quality polypropylene.

The Polystore range is specifically designed for corrosive substances and has no exposed metal parts to meet and exceed Australian Standards.

The ChemGuard range is suited to general storage and comes in 3 options

> Free-standing

> Constructed with an exhaust spigot for connection of a mechanically ventilated system

> Fitted with an enclosed fan/filter unit to suck fumes out of the cabinet and pass these fumes through filters (which remove the odours/chemicals) before discharging clean air back out into the room.

PBA Safety

Cortec Laboratory Services are an approved supplier of PBA Products.

PBA Safety are manufactured in Manufactured in Thomastown, VIC and provide innovative solutions for the handling and storage of dangerous goods. All of their dangerous goods storage cabinets meet Australian Standards, their Justrite steel cabinets are one of the best-selling and most trusted brands in Australia.

They cover a whole range of storage options including flammable goods, toxic goods, oxidising agents, pesticides, etc.


A highly engineered German designed and constructed range.

Cutting edge design, engineering and appearance with class leading aesthetics and performance

The Duperthal flammable goods cabinet range achieves 90 minutes fire rating (compared to Australian constructed models that only achieve 10 minutes). This has enabled many companies to reduce their insurance premiums

The range also includes specialist products such as gas bottle storage, lithium battery storage and safe storage of chemical sample waste

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